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Adrian Francis Counselling

 "When I went to the first session I had a clear idea of what I would like to get out the counselling session but I honestly did not feel that it would work for me. However on the first proper session, I found that most of the guilt I had been carrying around was lifted off my back and now I feel wonderful. Cannot thank you or praise the system enough!"

 "I felt that I was happy to end the sessions early, simply because I felt so much better!"

 "Thank you so much. You have saved my life I‘m quite sure!!!"


Sometimes we reach a stage in our lives when we feel that we are not functioning as well as we should be; life can be a struggle, and somewhere along the way we can feel like we've lost our identity.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed or anxious about the challenges you face. Are you unsure about what decisions to make? Do you find yourself lacking in confidence or continuing to make similar mistakes?

Counselling can help you get back to your true self; process past or existing issues and enable you to move on with your life and fulfil your true potential.


I can explore these areas safely with you to help you find solutions that will support your life choices; alter negative thought processes and boost confidence and motivation. Below is just a selection of my feedback: